Sunday Contemporary Issues Forum
Sunday, 9:45 am, Walker Room
Adult discussions on living a Christian life in the world today with speakers on social justice and community issues. Recent topics have included a review of the United Methodist Social Principles and a film on the environmental impact of coal-fired plants. Forum often has speakers from local non-profit organizations and discussions on issues such as racial justice, homeless services, care for the elderly, etc.

Jim Cramer, Susan Padgett, Jim Tischer and Sue Woods, Coordinators

Contemporary Issues Forum April 2019

The theme of April forums is environmental stewardship.  This is one of the three themes that Service & Justice Committee will emphasize this year.

April 7.    “Cool Climate Diet,” with Anya McCann.  Anya founded COOL Cuisine in 2013 in Davis with the goal to encourage local restaurants to offer more plant-based, planet-friendly dishes on their menus. That goal has widened this year to advocate for more choices in all public and community events. Anya will discuss the strong impact personal dietary choices can have on climate change. She will review the successes of the recent Burger Battle as a way to promote good choices. She will share ways to transition your home cooking and dining out to be more environmentally sustainable–and FUN. She has tips about overcoming roadblocks and will provide useful resources including her favorite recipe, meal delivery, dining guides, food substitute, and group-support websites

April 14.   “Local dimensions of sustainability and resilience,” with Lorenzo Kristov.  The lack of sustainability and resilience in both our natural and human-made ecosystems always affects people locally by disrupting the essential quality-of-life services we depend on, often with fatal results. This means we cannot depend only on state and national policies to achieve sustainability and resilience or pin our hopes on new technologies to insulate us from the damage done. We need to create sustainability and resilience locally, through personal engagement in our city, in our neighborhoods, in our households and in ourselves.  Lorenzo Kristov has worked professionally on electricity system policy for over 25 years. After 19 years at the California Independent System Operator, he is now an independent consultant developing strategies and policies to promote resilient community-level electric power systems that align local needs and priorities with California’s major environmental and energy goals. Lorenzo has lived in Davis for over 30 years.

April 21    No forum today: Happy Easter Sunday!

April 28.   “The Politics of Habitat Conservation Planning in Yolo County” with Petrea Marchand.  Petrea is Executive Director of the Yolo Habitat Conservancy, a joints powers agency responsible for managing recently issued 50-year Endangered Species Act permits for all four cities and Yolo County, as well as the associated countywide conservation plan for 12 endangered and threatened species. She also is President of Consero Solutions, a local public policy consulting firm. Petrea will discuss the 25-year history of efforts to develop the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan and the conditions that resulted in complications, delay and near abandonment of the plan, but ultimately successful completion in 2018. She will emphasize the importance of a combination of influential citizens, dedicated elected officials, financial oversight, and strong staff in making a difference in local habitat conservation efforts.


Sunday Bible Study
Sunday, 9:45 am, Roethe Room
The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study follows the lectionary and reinforces the pastor’s sermon.
Rosa Washington Olson, Coordinator

Progressive Theology Book Group
Monday, 7-8:30 pm, Walker Room
This adult book study group explores new ideas in religion, science, and other faith traditions.

Patti Nelson and Andy Burke, coordinators

Wednesday Bible Study
Wednesday, 1:30 pm, Walker Room
This Bible Study group uses a variety of authorities on the Bible to deepen participants understanding of scripture.

Louanne Horsfield, Coordinator

New Members’ Classes
Offered periodically, these small group gatherings with the Pastor are for individuals who have been attending Davis UMC—whether you are new to the church or have been attending forever and just have never officially joined. All are welcome! There is no obligation to become a member at the end of the series—just an open invitation to explore and enjoy. This four-week series presents the history of Davis United Methodist Church, reviews some core beliefs and principles of the Christian faith and United Methodism, and discusses the membership commitment in the United Methodist Church.

Special Book Studies
Throughout the year these ad hoc small groups meet to deepen their understanding of their personal faith and the role of United Methodist Church in today’s world. During Lent and Advent multiple groups are offered, but other groups meet when the spirit moves them. Groups are advertised in the Thursday E-newsletter and monthly Crossection.