Sunday Contemporary Issues Forum
Sunday, 9:45 am, Walker Room
Adult discussions on living a Christian life in the world today with speakers on community, social, mission and outreach. Recent topics have included a review of the United Methodist Social Principles and the theological basis of caring for God’s creation.
Jim Cramer, Susan Padgett, Jim Tischer and Sue Woods, Coordinators

June 4: The Election and Hearing of Bishop Karen Oliveto, LGBTQI Inclusion, and Implications for the United Methodist Church
With Rev. Kristin Stoneking, Executive Director of Fellowship of Reconciliation
and Alice Kessler, Partner and Legislative Advocate for the Law Firm DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler

Today we celebrate Reconciling Sunday. In April, the United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council ruled on the validity of Karen Oliveto’s election as its first openly lesbian bishop. Kristin will talk about the hearing and the decision of the Judicial Council. As the UMC struggles to embrace full inclusion for its LGBTQI members and clergy, there are lessons to be learned from the campaigns for marriage equality in California. From 2006-2010, Alice Kessler served as Government Affairs Director at Equality California (EQCA), an organization that has been a driving force behind some of the most comprehensive civil rights protections in the nation for LGBT individuals. Alice will share some win-win strategies used in the marriage equality campaign in California that could be helpful to the church in the current moment.

June 11: The History and Mission of Grace Garden
With Cid Barcellos and Gwen Oliver, Garden Co-Founders

This month marks the 8th anniversary of Grace Garden, a volunteer project that turned a lot full of weeds behind our church into a productive garden feeding the community. Join us in the Walker Room for a presentation on the history and mission of the project, followed by a tour. Come see how this winter’s rain has made the garden more beautiful than ever.

June 18: Computers in the News – Net Neutrality, Ransomware, and More
With Dick Dowell and Dave Woods, Computer Gurus

Dick spent several decades developing programs that help engineers design those tiny little chips that are the heart of the computer. When the internet evolved, he learned a bit about creating websites, and at DUMC he has dealt with network administration issues. Dave works as a computer programmer at UC Davis and has also been involved with technology projects at the church. The internet has become an important part of our lives, yet many of us have a limited understanding of how it works and how best to stay safe online. What is “net neutrality” and why should we care about it? What can we do to avoid being hacked? Come talk about these and other issues related to our electronic lives.

June 25: Highlights of the 2017 California-Nevada Annual Conference
With Pastor Brandon Austin

This year’s Annual Conference will meet in Burlingame, CA from June 21-24. Pastor Brandon will discuss some of the issues and highlights of this year’s gathering.

Progressive Christianity Book Group
Monday, 7-8:30 pm, Walker Room
This adult book study group explores new ideas in religion, science, and other faith traditions.
Patti Nelson and Andy Burke, coordinators


Special Book Studies
Throughout the year these ad hoc small groups meet to deepen their understanding of their personal faith and the role of United Methodist Church in today’s world. During Lent and Advent multiple group are offered, but other groups meet when the spirit moves them. Groups are advertised in the Thursday Emails and Month Crossections.