Sunday Contemporary Issues Forum
Sunday, 9:45 am, Walker Room
Adult discussions on living a Christian life in the world today with speakers on social justice and community issues. Recent topics have included a review of the United Methodist Social Principles and a film on the environmental impact of coal-fired plants. Forum often has speakers from local non-profit organizations and discussions on issues such as racial justice, homeless services, care for the elderly, etc.

Jim Cramer, Susan Padgett, Jim Tischer and Sue Woods, Coordinators

October’s Contemporary Issues Forums: 

Oct. 7 “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution.”  Efforts in California and the U.S. to combat climate change currently focus on the energy sector. While the Trump administration is attempting to promote coal and other fossil fuels, California and other states are mandating increased reliance on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.  Legislation passed last month commit California to 100% renewable, clean energy by 2045. Experts debate whether renewable energy technologies are capable of replacing fossil fuels. This video examines the existing and emerging technologies of clean energy. Come learn what’s possible!


Oct. 14 “Addressing Diaper Need in Our Community with Becky Beaman. One in three families across the United States can’t afford enough diapers to keep babies clean and healthy. In Yolo County, 42% of children live in a family that experiences diaper need. A group of volunteers has come together to address this problem by creating Yolo Diaper Bank. Come learn about this brand new organization and how you can help remove diaper need as a barrier to the health and stability of families in our community.


Oct. 21 “Theology and Politics of Rejection” by William Barber. In June 2018 Rev. William Barber delivered a sermon at the National Cathedral in Washington DC that is as powerful and important as Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. He relates Biblical texts on justice and moral movements to conditions in America today. He provides a moral and theological foundation for the Poor People’s Campaign. Come listen and be moved.


Oct. 28 “Report from Rural Guatemala,” with Sharon Marcacci. Sharon visited a Mayan village in the highlands of Guatemala in August and September. There has been no reliable mail service in Guatemala for almost three years now, so she and five other women packed 84 solar lights, books for two libraries, and the supplies for 13 projects into their suitcases for this visit to physically, culturally and linguistically isolated Chajul. Come learn about the work being done for students, issues facing the town and other indigenous Guatemalans, and see beautiful pictures of the children and community there.


Sunday Bible Study
Sunday, 9:45 am, Roethe Room
The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study follows the lectionary and reinforces the pastor’s sermon.
Rosa Washington Olson, Coordinator


Progressive Theology Book Group
Monday, 7-8:30 pm, Walker Room
This adult book study group explores new ideas in religion, science, and other faith traditions.

Patti Nelson and Andy Burke, coordinators


Wednesday Bible Study
Wednesday, 1:30 pm, Walker Room
This Bible Study group uses a variety of authorities on the Bible to deepen participants understanding of scripture.

Louanne Horsfield, Coordinator


New Members’ Classes
Offered periodically, these small group gatherings with the Pastor are for individuals who have been attending Davis UMC—whether you are new to the church or have been attending forever and just have never officially joined. All are welcome! There is no obligation to become a member at the end of the series—just an open invitation to explore and enjoy. This four-week series presents the history of Davis United Methodist Church, reviews some core beliefs and principles of the Christian faith and United Methodism, and discusses the membership commitment in the United Methodist Church.


Special Book Studies
Throughout the year these ad hoc small groups meet to deepen their understanding of their personal faith and the role of United Methodist Church in today’s world. During Lent and Advent multiple groups are offered, but other groups meet when the spirit moves them. Groups are advertised in the Thursday E-newsletter and monthly Crossection.