Worship continues online with a worship livestream this Sunday, August 9th, from Davis UMC.

Visit our Sunday worship page as the week progresses for the most current information, including the week's worship bulletin.

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The church appreciates your consideration financially during these times of virtual worship.

The physical Church Office is closed. Face-to-face meetings will not be possible during this time, but the Office Manager will be working remotely. E-mails and calls will be responded to quickly!

Please watch this space, and our Facebook page, for information and Pastoral guidance during this time.

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Update: August 3, 2020

Career Opportunities

Our church is always happy to talk with you if you have a calling and wish to volunteer for one of our several Ministries. Our Grace Garden, for example, very much appreciates several extra pair hands on volunteer mornings (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). Contact the Church Office to find out more!

Rent Our Space!

Planning on an event for your non-profit? Need a meeting room for the afternoon? Seeking a hall for a memorial service or celebration of life? You’ll find what you need to book our facilities by clicking on the “Find Out More” pull-down menu at the top of the page, then selecting “Facility Use.”

Here are some basics to help you decide:

In order to book our facilities we need a certificate of liability insurance. This must name the church and must cover the entire time your group is renting our space. For concerts, recitals, and receptions, the insurance must cover all rehearsals as well as the event date(s).

We publish a set fee schedule which is used to determine the facility use rate. We collect a $100 cleaning/security deposit when the facility use agreement is finalized.

All documents, insurance certificates, and payment in full are due well in advance of your group’s rental dates and we are not permitted to allow access to our facilities unless all paperwork and payment has been received.

Want to see if the church spaces are available? Check out our church calendar and see for yourself!

Office Hours

Office Hours

The Church Office is happy to answer your inquiries via E-mail at davisumc@davisumc.org

You can also call at 530-756-2170 and messages will be responded to as rapidly as possible.

Currently, face-to-face meetings with the Office Manager are not possible. Please E-mail or call with any needs.

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Want to know more about the schedule at Davis UMC? Find out by checking out our calendar: Please keep in mind that in-person meetings and events are suspended, so items that you see on our calendar may be temporarily halted or may be happening online. This includes our worship service, which is being held online each Sunday at 11am. For information about how to access the livestream, click through on the homepage! Contact the office for more information!

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