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DUMC in Mission The United Methodist Church of Davis sends vimwmaryvolunteers all over the world. Some trips are coordinated through the United Methodist Volunteers in Program (VIM) others are coordinated through partner organizations. (Jim Cramer, coordinator)

VIM India
Since 2007, DUMC has made regular trips to various missions in India. Places our missions have taken us include, but are not limited to:

  • The Comprehensive Rural Health Project at Jamked
  • Community Outreach Program and Sharanam Center for Girls, Mumbai, India
  • Navjeevan Center–school for children of sex workers, near Mumbai,India
  • Asha Community Health and Development Society, Delhi, India

Our adopted daughters: In 2009, our church adopted three girls at Saranam Center (a project of  the Community Outreach Program in Mumbai. pledging to support them for 10 years by sending $400 for each girl annually. The support provides shelter, food, health care, education and a loving environment for the girls.
Mary Philip, Alex Achimore, Coordinators

Keyes Missionaries at Africa University, Zimbabwe
Our church is a covenant partner supporting the missionaries Larry and Jane Keyes. The Keyes teach agriculture and English at Africa University, a United Methodist University. They also serve as an anchor for UMCOR missions to Zimbabwe. This covenant is especially important to members of our congregation because the Keyes were members of our church when Larry was studying for his Masters in Agricultural Management. The Keyes were members of our congregation when Larry was studying for his Masters in Agricultral Management. The Keyes visit us every four years and regularly correspond with us.