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Spirit-filled. Service and Justice Oriented. Welcoming and Affirming.


Davis UMC has identified characteristics that stand out in people’s experience of this church – though of course we are imperfect and are continually working to better embody these characteristics. Congregational leaders have worked together to define what these characteristics mean to us, as a tool to help us align all our ministries with our DNA.

We are Spirit-filled – We are loved by God and loving of others. We trust in God’s grace and are inspired to grow closer to God.

We are Service and Justice oriented – We share God’s compassion for all who suffer from injustice, respectfully working both to improve their circumstances and to change the underlying injustice. As stewards of all God’s creation, we strive to protect the earth and to help it flourish.

We are Welcoming and Affirming – We are welcoming and affirming through words and actions offering many ways to be a part of God’s community. We listen, accept and support everyone in a non-judgmental way. To complement this effort, we are committed to reaching beyond our comfort zone and to providing a pleasant physical environment.