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Spirit-filled. Service and Justice Oriented. Welcoming and Affirming.

See “This Week in Worship” for details about this week’s schedule, including Sunday school for children and adults (seasonal)

In 2016, Davis UMC developed a vision for worship, which is one of our three current ministry emphases (along with small groups and service & justice work):

Davis United Methodist Church provides worship experiences in which people of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed and actively involved. The Christian tradition is honored and meaningfully placed in our contemporary context. The worship service engages both our intellect and our heart by drawing on the community’s artistic, musical, and performance skills to joyfully convey  Jesus’ message of service, justice and vitality. We depart having had an opportunity to reflect on the message and are eager to go forth manifesting the love of God in our lives and in the world.

Please note that the church currently holds one worship service on Sundays at 10am.